Italian Terra Cotta are us

Palagio Engineering strongly believes in the use of Terracotta for the exterior and interior cladding of buildings of any typology, extent and height.
We believe in the cultural and technical value of a material that has accompanied civilization in its technological and social progress.
Clay is our precious raw material. Special characteristics of our clay, give our terracotta slabs long-lasting and frost-resistant qualities, as well as excellent chromatic attributes.

signaturePalagio Engineering materializes the idea of the designer. We transform, mould and shape the raw material into specific slabs and structures thus creating new products dedicated to a specific project. Besides our standardized product lines we project and make customised slabs, according to specific and unique design.
Palagio Engineering's technical team means high level of competence, know how, custom support.

Our organization is such as to allow the supply of a complete service by following the entire production process that from the raw material comes to the installation of the finished product passing through technical support and overall strategy.

The study of substructures, the final design, as well as the direction of the building site and the assistance to the designer are the activities that we consider as essential to ensure a quality jobs.

Projecting Together with our team's help


Our Technical team works closely with architecs.

Building Site Service easing the job


In case of need we may help at building site level.

Pre assembled Solutions

pre assemblati

Pre-assembling at our facility, helps at building site.




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